Saturday, 14 November 2009

God save cats from the American Pet Hospital in Las Vegas

I came across this veterinary practice via a Google declawing alert and in the few lines included in the alert there was such a stupid typo (Your fury little friend can be up and running the same day.) that I decided to read further and do you know, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. If this is the sum of their intelligence I don’t think they should be allowed near anyone’s pet, let alone allowed to approach an anaesthetised cat with a laser! The practice I’m talking about is
American Pet Hospital
702-952-41853879 E Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89120
There was a link to their website but unsurprisingly the link is broken, read on to see their intelligence level. I’m going to highlight in red their stupidity. Please bear in mind that this is about a professional practice even though it appears to be written by a primary school child.
Business Information: American pest hospital has been providing veterinary care in Las Vegas for over 22 years. Along with our full service veterinary clinic we have professional dog grooming, cat grooming, and dog boarding.
Our services range from well checks for puppies to senior care for your older pets. American Pet Hospital is staffed with certified Veterinary technicians and 3 certified Doctors of Veterinarian Medicine. Your fury friend is in good hands with our experienced staff.
I’m wondering if the certified technicians (who incidentally seem to rank higher in precedence than the DVM’s) and the certified DVM’s are actually certified as insane rather than as professionals.
Along with our experience you will notice our love of all animals. (Where?) Our mission is to keeping your four legged friends healthy and happy! (And declawed)
American Pet Hospital is one of the few pet hospitals in Las Vegas that uses laser surgery. Laser surgery will make the procedure more comfortable for your pet. Also your pet will heal much faster with less pain. For example, our laser cat declawing procedure will have your cat back on his feet with out pain in the same day! This is ridiculous, misleading and untrue! What cat given a general anaesthetic and subjected to at least ten amputations is going to be up and running the same day...or the next?
Near Sunset & Pecos. Close to Henderson, NV & Las Vegas, NV
If your pet is suffering from the following symptoms your pet needs veterinary care
* injuries
* diarrhea
* weight loss
* fur loss
* no appetitive
* scratching ears
* red irritated skin
* vomiting
* discharge from eyes or nose
* problems going potty
In my country potty means foolish, crazy, batty, eccentric, silly, ridiculous, absurd and stupid.
Every word on this list seems to apply to this shower of certified lunatics.
American Pet Hospital is one of the few veterinary clinics in Las Vegas that performs laser surgery for your pets. This is good news for your pet (d’you think so?) because laser surgeries are far more comfortable than a regualr scalpel surgery. Come on - comfortable???
American pet hospital is one of the few veterinary clinics in the world that allows illiterate nincompoops to run riot on their website!
Your pet heals much faster with laser surgery, and there is less chance of complications.
A laser cat declaw is a popular procedure. (my highlighting - isn't this disgraceful and isn't this blatant disregard of the AVMA joke, I mean policy, that states:
Declawing of domestic cats should be considered only after attempts have been
made to prevent the cat from using its claws destructively or when its clawing
presents a zoonotic risk for its owner(s))
How can a last resort procedure be popular?
To continue Your fury little friend can be up and running the same day. Before a cat declaw could take 3 – 4 weeks for the cats to heal completely.
A Freudian slip maybe, because your little friend would certainly be feeling fury and I very much challenge the claim that he’ll be up and running the same day. This 3-4 weeks to heal completely is an improvement on the usual guff about 2 weeks, this is the only semi-sensible bit as far as I can see, and even then it completely misses the point that a declawed cat can never heal psychologically.

Laser surgery
A Less Painful Alternative for Your Pet
American Pet Hospital is proud to offer laser surgery as a progressive new option for our clients who want the safest and least painful treatment for thier pets. Long used in human healthcare, laser technology is a proven service with multiple applications. Only recently have veterinarians turned to laser surgery, and we are proud to be on the leading edge of advanced animal care. In many cases, laser surgery can be extremely beneficial over traditional surgery. Your veterinarian will discuss whether laser surgery is the best option for your pet.

The Benefits
Less Pain - The laser seals nerve endings as it moves through tissue. Your pet will feel less pain after surgery.

Less Bleeding - The laser seals small blood vessels during surgery, resulting in less bleeding and quicker procedures.

Less Swelling - With laser technology, only light comes into contact with the tissue, causing minimal swelling.

Extreme Precision - The laser enables your sergeon to only affect or remove the target tissue, leaving the healthy surrounding tissue untouched.

Reduced Risk of Infection - The high heat of laser energy kills bacteria and microorganisms as it moves through diseased areas, reducing the chance of infection.

Quicker Recovery - For all of the above reasons, your pet is likely to feel less discomfort after surgery, and return home to normal activities sooner.
Normal activities have had it once the toe ends have gone!

How it Works
A laser is an intense beam of light. Using an instrument that allows it to be precisely controlled, the laser beam replaces the traditional scalpel.
Laser energy instantly vaporizes the water found in tissus, allowing it to "cut" or essentially remove an extremely small area of tissue. The energy seals nerve endings and blood vessels as it moves through the tissue, resulting in less bleeding, less pain and virtually no trauma to surrounding tissue.(Just charring to what is left of the toe)
Recommended Procedures for Laser Surgery
Declaw here we go folks, get your wallets out
Tumor Removal
Skin Tags
Cyst Removal
Soft Palate Procedures
Gingival and Dental SUrgery
...and much more I can well believe that in this madhouse!
Consult with your veterinarian to determine if laser surgery is the best option for your pet's specific condition.
You have to be joking, mind you, it could be even worse than I think…the veterinarian might have written this…………

Don't you have to seriously question the competence of any veterinary practice that is content with allowing this sort of rubbish online


  1. This is very very frightening,the lives of peoples much loved pets in the hands of illiterate deluded 'professionals' like these !!! It's as if the person who wrote this tripe set out to deliberately appear as ignorant as possible. God help any living creature that goes into their clinic.

  2. Tragic and funny at the same time, though not for any animal treated there obviously.

    The only good thing is that a site as badly put together as that one, containing so many errors, is likely going to work by putting off potential customers.

    If they miss that amount of obvious detail in proof reading their web site, imagine what they miss as they wield the laser!


  3. This is a very frightening advert. I feel sorry for any animal who is unfortunate enough to be one of their patients.

    "Consult with your veterinarian to determine if laser surgery is the best option for your pet's specific condition." Sounds to me like they recently bought this equipment and are overly eager to recoup the cost as soon as possible. I hope they are more skilled with a laser than they are with a keyboard.

    Michele S.

  4. Well I have to say that they advertise that they treat pests. I think that this sums up the entire promotion on their website. Obviously they consider their patients "pests" and are going about declawing the feline species to make them less of a "pest".

    This is an extremely frightening website, which demonstrates total lack of care. With such lack of attention to their text, I can only imagine that it must translate to the rest of their practice.

    But since this is from Las Vegas, it is more than likely that whomever designed it was either drunk or very upset about losing a great deal of money gambling. Heck, they have to recoup their losses.

    I just hope that potential clients have the intelligence to spot these errors and decide that this clinic is totally unacceptable and will not take their pets for any veterinary care as it this is blantant proof of incompetence.

  5. You all sound like petulant 5th graders. Spelling is not indicative of I.Q. In fact, Einstein was a horrible speller. That said, a web site developer is responsible for the typos. Are you so ignorant that you believe the doctors wrote this? Grow a brain and get a life. BTW, I'm sure you too chicken-sh#t to publish this comment.