Saturday, 11 July 2009

Steer clear of Marty the Loser

Hells teeth! This bloke takes a bit of beating. On that stinking horrible site that demonstrates the instrument of torture known as Clearview Laser Declaw Assistant there are two testimonials. One is from a Dr Cohen from Cincinnati who gushes "The time and effort saved using the Clear View laser declaw assistant make it a valuable tool."
And the other is from a Dr Martin Losey from Winter Haven, Florida who says "Allowed us to free up a technician during the procedure, who was no longer needed to hold the leg". Oh yeah the leg is held up for him to do his dirty deed by the horrible wooden frame with the hook embedded in it. The technician can use the time saved to prepare the next victim for the conveyor belt declawing procedure, the quicker the better, he’s got to make the money back for his equipment.
But from three comments on this site which invites reviews of animal hospitals in Winter Haven it seems that Dr Losey is to be avoided at all costs.
The first review is entitled THINK ABOUT THIS VET BEFORE YOU GO THERE and says “If you use this vet you really need to reconsider if YOU LOVE YOUR DOG OR CAT, he really is not a good vet, he tried to do a un-necessary surgery on my dog that he was just guessing at and never did the proper lab work to find out what was wrong. I DO NOT AND REALLY MEAN DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS IDIOT TO ANYONE.” Posted 06/10/09 This person gave him a rating of 1 out of 5, there wasn’t an option to give zero or I think he’d have got it from her.

The second review is titled “Heard bad things too” and says “I have always heard bad things about this place and also I heard that the wife is not very nice at all, matter of fact I overheard a young girl that works there talking about how much she can't stand her and that she is very hard to work for, I am so glad I never went there after reading this” Posted 06/10/09 this was a 1 out of 5 too.
The third comment is this “Thank you for your review I'm sorry to hear about your dog, but I'm glad I'm not the only one with problems with this so called vet, I had my dog in there just for normal shots and was told that his prostrate was enlarged and he needed to be neutered right away or he would get cancer, I took him to a real vet and was told that his prostrate was NORMAL in size and the dog was ok. That man should not be practicing any more. I have heard sssoooo many things bad about them now I know, I would never recommend him to anyone!!!!” Posted 06/13/09 again 1 out of 5 for the rating.

Now isn’t it a horrible thought that someone who has attracted such bad comments, particularly the first and last ones, is performing declawing procedures on cats, probably every day.

This is what he says about himself: “I treat all my clients' pets like "fur" children. Many owners children have grown up and moved away leaving the pet behind for the parents to care for them.” and he says this around the time of his 30-year in practice party “Veterinary medicine has always been my love..It never gets boring.”

Correct me if if I’m wrong but I really don’t think this chap would amputate the finger and toes ends of children, and I’m damned if I think their Grannies and Grandads would allow it either! So what’s all this guff about fur children, and if he’s been in practice for over 30 years then he should sod off and retire and take his Clearview Laser Assistant with him, oh yes I just bet he DOES love the dosh he makes, and the new and more gruesome apparatus he gets to aid himself will provide endless entertainment for his savage habits.

Here’s the blurb about him
Dr. J. Martin Losey II DVM opened Losey Animal Hospital in 1977, after attending the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medine. Our primary interest is in small animal medicine and surgery. We have a well equipped lab for fast,easy results; a cutting and therapy laser for stifle/knee surgery which aids in faster recovery of your pet. Laser surgery makes declaws, neuters and spays faster, bloodless and less painfull for your pets. Losey Animal hospital has always been on the cutting edge of medicine for your pets ,as well as giving family like quality to our clients. We recently celebrated our 32nd anniversery of excellant pet care. My staff and myself would be pleased to care for your furry friends.

There he goes, “laser surgery makes declaws (neuters an spays) faster, bloodless and less painful.” LESS painful…why should they be in pain at all? They should never even be in the theatre having their toes amputated. And the final sentence “my staff and myself would be pleased to care for your furry friends” is just creepy, it makes me think of a pantomime undertaker standing smiling and rubbing his hands together while sizing you up for a coffin. He can’t spell excellent either!

Here’s his list of “services” I use the word services very loosely. And I think those three reviewers would agree.
Small Animals
Spay / Neuter
Laser Surgery
On-Site Pharmacy
Flea Control Program
Dietary Counseling
Behavioral Counseling
On-Site Lab


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  2. I removed my first comment when I saw the picture of the declawing !!! I'd said: Another brilliant write up. What a horrible smug person that man must be and he's a danger to all animals ! He should be struck off the Veterinary register AFTER his own important bits have been lasered away.... of course.It wouldn't take me long, using his machine !!!!!!
    ADDITION I wanted to make ...the cat has no breathing tube, no drip, what aneasthetic was used I wonder ? That cat could wake up any the middle of that excruciatingly painful operation !!!!!

  3. What a bastard,
    Maybe he just uses a high dose of ACP hence no tubation?
    If so, then double bastard as ACP is only a sedative not an anaesthetic.

  4. I think there may be a typo in his name. Are you sure his name isn't Dr. Marty LoseR?

    I read his reviews. Unfortunately he practices about 35 miles from where I live.

    I will be contacting some friends that live in his town and if they are using him, will suggest immediately that they get another vet. This one definately belongs in the hall of shame.

  5. Ye Gods! Where the hell did they dig this cretin up from? The boneyard??? Seems to me the only thing he cares about is his ever increasing bank account. why the hell do people still continue to use him? Maybe if he had his wonderful laser used on him or his wife they may think differently. Taking your cats to this guy, is like asking Hitler to baby sit a jew! the hall of Shame is too good for this creep - he needs to be in hell!Stoggy

  6. Oh my gosh! I just experienced this man at marcum road animal hospital in Lakeland fl--I took half a day off work yesterday and we drove 2.5 hours to Marcum Road Animal Hospital for an Ear Crop Consultation in Lakeland.They were highly recommended and not too expensive. Well, I was told the doctor is an older lady who is very experienced and would walk us through the process. However,she wasn't in. We saw the "relief" vet, Dr. Loosey who was an older man that appeared disabled (May have suffered a stroke at one point),he could barely move one side of his body. You could not quite understand him when he spoke and he could not handle our 5.5 lb dog with both hands and walked severely limped. Well, he took our dog to the back where you could hear him mumbling and our dog screaming like he'd been stepped on or dropped. He came back and told us that he took his blood but said the couldn't find a vain in his neck. So he used his leg. I noticed then that Dr. Looseys hands were bloody and our dogs leg was covered in blood. I said " oh my god, is that blood?" He said no it's alcohol. See you next week to get his tail done. And left the room. I of course had a meltdown, we weren't there for blood work or a tail dock. You could clearly see our dogs tail was docked. We were there for an ear consultation. I began to somewhat make a scene and a nice lady told me that the front desk person was new, and had mixed us up. 2 vet techs came out, calmed me down, and cleaned up Our dog. She cancelled the blood test and apologized and really tried to reassure us. We paid, left, drove 2.5 hours home and the next morning, I cancelled his surgery.