Thursday, 18 June 2009

For sheer dangerous ignorance this takes the dog biscuit!

Cha Cha Answers

“Can you de claw dogs”

“The nails of dogs are attached to bone, unlike a cats that are attached to tendons and tissues. De clawing a dog would be painful”

First the anonymous poser of the question should be strung up by his or her finger ends for even thinking of declawing a dog.

But an even more painful fate should await this shining example of a brainless opinionated amoebic twit who has splattered a number of stupid words on this site that, if an equally brainless moron was to see them, could encourage them in their sick quest to amputate precious toes!

“Dogs nails are attached to the bone” - Excuse me Mr/Ms Moron so are cats nails!
“Declawing dogs would be painful” - Doh! Of course it would BUT CATS FEEL PAIN TOO don’t y’know?

What a depth of knowledge this turd doesn’t have! What sheer arrogance to dismiss in two sentences the magnitude of mutilating, forever, a cat’s precious toes.


  1. Babz your blogs should all be printed off, framed, and hung on every idiot's wall !!
    You tell it like it is and it really is the only way to get through to these numbskulls, apart from using a hammer and chisel that is !

  2. What we see on the Internet often makes me shudder... hard. One of the worst things about something like this is that someone will think it is a great idea to declaw a dog, and a new fashion will evolve. After all, it makes no difference which species.. both are done only for human convenience. So perhaps vets will include this in their "package deal" along with docking ears and tails in the USA.

    This makes me want to scream.. and vets are supposed to do no harm?? Give me a ^%&#W** break.


  3. Babz you are an inspiration to us all, and what I love about your blogs is the way you take no prisoners- go girl! Idiot, moron, twit all good words there is one more that I can think of but it is Sunday and even if I wrote it I am guessing you would not say it!

  4. Declawing, defanging, tail docking, tooth tipping, ear trimming... the litany of pain just goes on and on and on...

    Whicky Wuudler